Refurbishment ship to shore loader, Bremen


Avangard Malz


Klaas Siemens GmbH, Emden

Scope of work:

  • Review and adaptation of the structure for the replacement of the old with currently deliverable mechanical engineering components.
  • Workshop and assembly planning for steel construction
  • As-built plans

Object description:

The company Avangard Malz operates a shore loader built in 1996 by the company Klaas Siemens for loading brewing malt onto sea-going and inland vessels at its location in the Bremen industrial harbour.

The overall construction essentially consists of a movable portal frame with an attached pylon as the support structure for the central rotating column and the boom unit, which is braced from there, including the conveyor device. The swivelling arm is driven by two motors on a slewing ring (ball bearing slewing ring).

The replacement of the lattice jib and the lattice crane bridge below it in 2020 will be necessary after almost 25 years of operation, as the structure is showing significant wear due to the significantly increased loading cycles with the associated travel distances. In particular, the longitudinal profiles of the arm (formerly IPE 450) will be replaced by welded girders with a significantly thicker flange plate (25 mm instead of 15 mm). The steel construction was carried out according to DIN EN 1090 EXC 3.