Pedestrian bridge Emden-Wolthusen


City of Emden


Bau – und Entsorgungsbetrieb Emden (Emden construction and waste disposal company)

Scope of services:

  • Object and structural planning according to HOAI 2009; LPH 1-6

Object description:

The construction of a new pedestrian bridge was necessary on a popular cycling and hiking path south of the city of Emden. The stability of the existing bridge was no longer given. The steel/wood construction of the existing bridge was replaced by a bridge made entirely of steel. This is located at the so-called Borssumer-Verbindungskanal in Emden – Wolthusen at the level of the so-called “Liebesinsel”. Access is provided to the east and west via the existing protection dyke of the canal and then via new steel construction ramps.

The total free span is approx. 36 m, the width is approx. 2.3 m. The three bridge sections, the middle section and the two side sections, are held in place by a back-anchored pylon construction with tie rods. The static system therefore does not require any bridge supports in the water, it is a freely suspended construction. The longitudinally displaceable bearings are located in the transition between the bridge section and the bridge platform.