Loading ramp at the dolphin berth in the Emder Außenhafen


State of Lower Saxony


N-Ports GmbH & Co. KG; Emden branch

Scope of services:

  • Object and structural planning according to HOAI 2009, LPH 1-6
  • Planning of technical equipment including drives EHZ as well as E-technology and control.
  • Workshop planning (steel construction) for the general contractor of the construction work

Object description:

In the area of Niedersachsen-Ports GmbH & Co. KG in Emden, a port facility was built in 2013 for the transshipment of the local automotive industry.

The construction of a new tide-controlled ramp was necessary in order to offer car carriers a loading option.

In contrast to the usual construction of loading ramps, with portals and suspended hydraulic cylinders, the front bearing force of the planned ramp was taken over with the help of a buoyancy element located approx. 2m under water.

Lateral guides provide a connection to the linear actuators. The required changes in inclination are innovatively taken over by electric lifting cylinders. These are located

in the dolphins and pull the buoyancy element under water.

When subjected to traffic, the tractive force is reduced, and the electric lifting cylinders are relieved.

The driving power is thus significantly lower than with conventional driving concepts.

In the event that the electric lifting cylinders are out of service, the ramp can be converted into a “pontoon ramp”, taking into account the tide, i.e., without the use of a crane.

A European patent was granted for the principle in 2013.