Flood protection gates Steinwerder


C. Steinweg (South-West Terminal) GmbH & Co. KG


Klaas Siemens GmbH, Emden

Scope of services:

  • Preparation of verifiable statics and design of the drive units
  • Preparation of drawings of the execution and workshop planning
  • Setting-up the assembly statics
  • Operating and maintenance instructions

Object description:

In the course of the new development of Polder 41, two FP gates are being built as sliding gates by the client as part of the private flood protection in the Port of Hamburg. The clear widths of the openings are 5.0 m and 20.0 m respectively. In case of flooding, the gate can be moved out of its resting position along the sheet pile wall via a rail and two running wheels and locked in the final position. For additional guidance and load bearing from water loads, a mobile support is placed in the centre of the large gate. This can be placed and clamped in a sleeve anchored in the bottom.

For stability and operational safety, the door is guided in a total of 3 guides during operation. The last guidance serves to prevent the door from tipping over when it is open. Each of the three guides has 2 guide rollers which hold the door in a vertical position and absorb the wind loads on the land side proportionally.