Ferry pier Langeoog/Bensersiel


Island Community of Langeoog


Shipping of Island Community of Langeoog

Scope of services:

  • Object and structural planning acc. HOAI 2013 LPH 1-5, 6 pro rata
  • Planning of technical equipment (only propulsion systems) acc. HOAI 2013 LPH 1-3

Object description:

Approx. 250,000 tourists visit the North Sea island of Langeoog every year. The supply of the island community of Langeoog (approx. 2,000 permanent residents) for general economic and tourist reasons thus places high demands on the superstructure. For these reasons, it was decided to construct new, identical pedestrian and container bridges in the ports of Bensersiel and Langeoog as part of a replacement measure. These enable safe boarding and disembarking or loading and unloading of the ferries. The difference in height between the ferry and the quay caused by the tide is compensated for by means of a lifting bridge construction. The necessary height compensation of the ramps is carried out by electromechanical drives (ELC).