Bridges at the Rotes Siel, Emden


City of Emden


Klaas Siemens GmbH, Emden

Scope of services:

  • Detailed design and works planning
  • Preparation of risk assessment according to 2006/42/EG Machinery Directive

Object description:

The Ems-Jade Canal (EJC) connects the river Ems (in the city of Emden) and the Jade Bay near Wilhelmshaven. It is crossed by a large number of bridge structures, part of which is located in the city of Emden at the so-called “Roter Siel”. The city of Emden comprehensively rehabilitated this area with, among other things, new bank stabilisation (sheet piling), paving and two new bridge replacements.

The type and scope of the planning carried out for the bridge at the “Roter Siel” included the mechanical engineering components of the bascule bridge (e.g.: pivot bearing, tip locking and bearing of the cylinders). The structure forms an important traffic link between two parts of the city and is accordingly frequently used by normal city traffic. The two-lane bridge slab is approx. 10 m wide and approx. 17 m long. Two hydraulically driven cylinders are located in the basement. The bearing of the bridge is pendulum suspended.

Furthermore, a pedestrian bridge was rehabilitated, which also ensures the connection between the city districts on the historic ramparts. It is an asymmetrical two-arm swing bridge with a total length of 5.0 m + 10.0 m with counterweights in the short arm and a subsequent fixed bridge (total length approx. 6.3 m). The bearing is provided by a slewing drive with integrated, double-row roller slewing ring and worm gears. The drive is handled by two geared motors.