Balance beam bridge, Wiesmoor


City of Wiesmoor


Klaas Siemens GmbH, Emden

Scope of services:

  • Design and workshop planning
  • Preparation of risk assessment according to 2006/42/EG Machinery Directive

Object description:

The new construction of the balance beam bridge in Wiesmoor serves to cross the Nordgeorgsfehn canal at the crossing Schulstraße – Amaryllisweg and thus forms the traffic connection to the Wittmunder Straße in the course. This construction method maintains the desired navigability of the canal.

The overall construction essentially consists of the bridge superstructure with the side railings, the pylons, the balance beam, the tie rods and the drive units. The superstructure is 12.4 m wide and approx. 8.3 m long. On one side there is a 3.25 m wide cycle track. The clear width between the traffic management kerbs is 8.43 m. The bridge can be opened to a maximum of 80°. In this position, the clear passage height for inland vessels is 4.3 m.

The balance beam is of screwable construction and is hinged to the pylons. It is connected to the bridge superstructure via tie rods. The clear passage height below the balance beam is at least 5.0 m. The ballasting is chosen in such a way that a minimum support weight of approx. 1.5 t results at the tip of the bridge flap.

The bridge can be operated in manual and automatic mode. There is no provision for emergency operation via a UPS. If the power supply fails, the bridge remains in its respective position.